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By Project

Our project based packages provide access to a grant expert for a set number of hours over the duration of your project and allow us to work with you more deeply on a single project that needs dedicated focus. While projects are customized to your needs, in general we focus on six areas: grant readiness consulting and assessment; funding searches and analysis; proposal preparation and grant writing; proposal project management; grant team support and development; and consulting for grant makers. When working on the proposal development process, the length of the grant application and the size of the grant team will determine the number of services we can provide. 


We work with all types of funders from the federal grant making agencies, to state and local agencies, to professional associations, industry, agricultural commissions, and charitable foundations. Our project based work is perfect for both individuals and grant development teams. Working with us on a project will not only increase your chance of winning a grant, but will also help your define future plans, align your mission to your actions, and amplify your impact.

Grant Readiness Consulting and Assessment

Preparing a grant can be daunting, but managing it once funded can be even more challenging. We will work with you to assess your grant readiness by:

  • Providing guidance and tools to define reasonable and manageable goals, objectives and outcomes.

  • Helping you identify missing expertise and resources and providing advice on how to identify and secure these people and resources. 

  • Reviewing your grant management policies and providing feedback on alignment with funder requirements.  

Proposal Preparation and Grant Writing

We will guide you through the proposal process and support you in designing a responsive and competitive proposal by:

  • Working with you to develop a strong narrative that meets funder requirements and aligns funder goals with your vision. 

  • Working with you and your team to define project goals and objectives, develop metrics for measuring outputs, present a justification of need, and identify the long-term impacts of the project.

  • Reviewing, editing, and providing templates for other required documents while ensuring that they create credibility and are aligned with the project narrative. 

  • Providing proposal development support for items that are unique to your organization or the call for proposal.   

Grant Team Support and Development

We enjoy helping grant teams build capacity by providing:

  • An additional grant expert to support large proposal development

  • A temporary increase capacity during times of high grant volumes. 

  • Continuing education on topics of your choice.

  • Group coaching to grant administrators and proposal development teams.

  • A sounding board for new or review of existing grant development processes and grant trainings. 

Customized Grant Services

Not seeing a package that encompasses your needs? Contact us! We are willing to work with you to develop a custom grant support package.

Funding Search and Analysis

Unsure what type of grant funding to pursue for your project? We have worked with hundreds of funders and will use our expertise to:

  • Identify funders that would fit best fit best with the goals of your project.

  • Prepare a report of the top potential funders for your project. 

  • Provide recommendations on prioritization of grants to . 

  • Developing a plan and timeline for grant submission.

Proposal Project Management

For larger  proposals with multiple partners and many moving pieces we provide project management for the process. Including: 

  • Creation of proposal development timelines with internal due dates.

  • Coordinating of the proposal development milestones

  •  Ensuring effective communication across the team. 

  • Acting as a central point for collecting, reviewing, and editing all key personnel documents and and partner letters. 

  • Working with external partners, especially those unfamiliar with grant proposals, to coach them through completing their documents.

Note: In general, for proposals with more than 15 key personnel Affinity Grant Insights LLC can offer at most two of our three main proposal development services - grant writing focused on the narrative and summary/aims page, supplemental document assistance, or project management for the proposal.  

Grant Maker Services

Our team is passionate about working with grantmaking organizations. We can work with you to:

  • Provide training to strengthen the grant readiness and enhance the grant writing skills and practices of your grantees and partners.

  • Review requests for proposals for clarity, accuracy, and ease of use by grantees.

  • Provide a sounding board for new grant making policies and procedures.

Cost should never be a barrier to working with us. Please schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs and your budget. We will work with you to assess your needs and provide several options for levels of service. 

We adhere to the Code of Ethics, as established by the Grant Professionals Association and as such we do not take a commission or cut of the grant award. Instead we offer reasonable hourly, project, and fixed fee rates.  

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