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We currently offer grant training through customized courses and one-on-one coaching. Focusing primarily on the proposal writing and development process, we create sessions based on the needs and goals of your organization. Courses are designed to cover the needs of the participants based on their past experience with grants and can cover general grantsmanship skills or specific funder strategies. In addition to offering courses for grant proposal writers, we also offer training for proposal support personnel. 


We also offer grant coaching as an optional part of the grant training experience. This add on service provides the participants expert guidance through the submission of a grant proposal. Additional coaching can also be purchased for longer term support and guidance. Learning to write and support fundable proposals can often take years of trial and error. Individualized one-on-one coaching can shorten this lead time.       

Custom Course

Courses are offered virtually over Zoom in a weekly format with assignments between sessions. Length and number of sessions is dependent upon content requested. 

Coaching Add-On

Provides coaching throughout the entire proposal writing process and includes assistance with one to two drafts of the narrative, summary/ aims page and select supplemental documents. We can provide this level of support to only  2-5 participants of each course. 

Feedback Add-On

Provides review, feedback, and light editing on 1-2 drafts of a small proposal and an optional one-on-one meeting with the grant coach. Participants must complete the course prior to receiving feedback on their proposal. 

A-La-Carte Coaching

Work with our coaches for a year or more on multiple proposals. We can coach both grant proposal writers and proposal support personnel. Schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

Cost should never be a barrier to working with us. Please schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs and your budget. We will work with you to assess your needs and provide several options for levels of service. 

We adhere to the Code of Ethics, as established by the Grant Professionals Association and as such we do not take a commission or cut of the grant award. Instead we offer reasonable hourly, project, and fixed fee rates.  

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