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For Growth

Our fixed fee services provide a set number of hours per month for grant proposal coaching and support that will lead to growth in your grant acquisition capabilities. Contracts are established for a set length of time and allow us to explore ideas for grant proposals, search for and analyze fit of potential funders, establish your grant readiness, and work together on multiple proposals. For larger organizations we can also work with existing grant proposal teams to increase capacity, provide services not available in house, assess the impact of current grant processes, and provide solutions for building efficiencies. By working with us over a length of time, grant writers will learn how to systematically prepare for writing proposals and learn methods for crafting fundable proposals that will impact the size of your grant portfolio for years to come. We serve as a expert sounding board for all your grant related needs, provide services as essential part of your grant team, and bring an outside perspective proven to increase your funding rate. 

All fixed fee services focused on your needs and the needs of your organization. However, if you need an example of the types of services we normally provide please visit the by Project page.   

Tier 1

Tier 1 gives you one hour of services per month from Affinity Grant Insights LLC. Due to the time constraints of Tier 1, most services at this tier are provided in the role of advisor and coach. This tier is prefect for those with a small budget who can take on the effort of grant development themselves, but want access to a grant expert as sounding board and guide. 

Tier 3

Tier 3 gives you six hours of services per month from Affinity Grant Insights LLC. This tier is best for those who need more extensive monthly support.   

Tier 2

Tier 2 gives you three hours of services per month from Affinity Grant Insights LLC. This tier is best for those who are in the idea stage of the grant process and need a grant expert who can provide light support in addition to being a sounding board.

All Tiers

All tiers will give you priority access to a grant expert for project based work. Need to hire us for a larger project than can be covered by your monthly contact hours? Contact us for an estimate. Note, unused hours from future months can be credited to the current month to support a larger project after talking with your grant consultant. 

Cost should never be a barrier to working with us. Please schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs and your budget. We will work with you to assess your needs and provide several options for levels of service. 

We adhere to the Code of Ethics, as established by the Grant Professionals Association and as such we do not take a commission or cut of the grant award. Instead we offer reasonable hourly, project, and fixed fee rates.  

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